Lithuanian Analytics Startup Sees Early Traction


Lithuanian startup Semseye provides an integrated cloud footfall analytics for brick-and-mortar retailers as well as other physical premises, in other words, they have built a Google Analytics kind of solution for the analogue world.

There is a huge number of startups solving the same problem – bridging the analogue traffic in stores and digital analysis of that data – but three years old Semseye can boast with early traction, having deployed the service in 14 countries.

The solution works the same way as Google Analytics cookie works – which tracks how users interact with website content – Semseye’s physical hardware is using optical sensors to count people. The sensor, plugged into the ceiling, counts the number of people who has entered the place, based on the shape of their head. Along with optical sensor, retailers can also use embedded beacon, which will provide a more in-depth interaction level of visitors and customer performance.

“Our technology can give retailers a better understanding of customer journey and their performance. Or in a way, we are making digital information based on people performance in physical space,” says Andrius Ojeras, CEO of Semseye.

Semseye solution is promised to help retailers to get data regarding customer experience in physical distribution channel in the same way they would get from the online channel. “We combined different technologies into one. The optical sensor gives general information about the flow, while beacon and bluetooth scanning provides insight on how loyal customers behave, or which section of the mall attract most people,” adds Ojeras.

Semseye solution has been deployed in 14 countries with more than 700 sensors installed. The startup is on its way to raise more capital for moving to the United States market.

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