to make smart decisions for their business, creating positive customer experiences that will in turn drive revenue potential.
Digitizes footfall in the real world
IoT solution, built on the most advanced algorithms for intelligent video processing and beacons, provides the opportunity to increase efficiency in any retail business area.




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SEMSEYE provides an integrated Hardware, Software and Analytics solution to accurately count people.

Smart SEMSEYE sensors are connected via the internet to an analytics driven IoT cloud platform providing virtual real time footfall data integrated with external contextual information such as Weather, POS, Media and Loyalty Programs.

Using this information, Retailer will know:

  • How the weather, time of day, social events or promotions effect shopping habits,
  • What items are most popular, where customers spend most of their time in store,
  • Which product displays attract the most interaction,
  • Is the store layout convenient and compelling,
  • How effective was online and in-store campaigns.

This information can drive significant value to retailers to ensure they provide customers with the best shopping experience optimize the staff and stock based on shopper traffic and have insight to make smart decisions for their business.

For Shopping Malls, Exhibitions, Airports, the solution can provide valuable insight into how the center is performing, the retail store, restaurant or center services attracting the most custom, including how the weather, time of day, social events or promotions effect shopping habits.

There is near unlimited opportunities for even richer data leveraging smart cameras, microphones, and beacons and integrating with other available data sets such as Point of Sale (POS) to uncover more revenue potential.


SEMSEYE provides in-store footfall analytics to Bricks and Mortar Retailers as well Shopping Malls, Casinos, Museums, Libraries and Smart buildings. It provides in-store, plug-n-play, smart SEMSEYE sensors and displays with a complete open IoT Cloud based SEMSEYE platform, to bring sophisticated in-store performance capabilities. In doing so, SEMSEYE helps to measure and improve their performance with real-time footfall information mashed with relevant contextual data such as weather, loyalty programs, POS, Omni channel and even Media content.


The SEMSEYE vision is to deliver single robust statistical real time footfall monitoring based IoT platform to support businesses with the necessary information that will enable them to make decisions to enhance customer experience and profitability of their organization. SEMSEYE digitizes footfall in the real world.

Problem we solve

As digital technology and Omni channel supply chains are more accessible to consumers, the way people shop is changing rapidly, with an estimated $1.1 trillion in retail sales being influenced today.

Retailers are looking for new and different ways to get shoppers back into the shops and increase the profit margins from brick and mortar shopping.

  • How can we improve visitor conversion levels, such as client’s baskets?
  • How can we better provide customers maximize purchase satisfaction?
  • What is the optimal number of staff needed to serve customers?
  • How to avoid under and over stocking?
  • How can we give customers the best shopping experience to ensure repeatable business?

Other business areas we care

Shopping Malls, Airports, Exhibitions

Shopping Malls, Airports, Exhibitions have problems related to how their centers are performing, given space is always at a premium it is critical to understanding the effective use of the available space to attract the maximum number of visitors. Often retail space is charged on square meter, estimated foot fall, and cash projections. What they need to fully understand is overall center performance, and individual space performance to optimize their earning potentials and to manage their centers more efficiently.

Other industries with high footfall that can be difficult to manage such as Hospitality and Events, where understanding the number of customers in relation to time of day, the season, weather and other external events can be invaluable in planning resources efficiently and ensuring a best in class customer experience and in turn increasing the likelihood of repeat business and increased custom.




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